Jesus on How We Should Pray

12 Aug

This week at Eastbrook, I continued our series “Pray Like Jesus” with a message entitled “Jesus on How We Should Pray” from Matthew 6:5-8. The main point of my message is that prayer is powerful because of our relationship with Father God.

You can listen to my message online at the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also follow Eastbrook Church on Twitter. I’ve included the outline for the message below:

Two Mistakes About Prayer (Matthew 6:57)

  • Wrong love – like hypocrites who love to be seen by people
  • Wrong thinking – like pagans who babble in order to be heard

Praying to Your Father (Matthew 6:6-8)

  • The ‘who’ of prayer
  • The unique relationship of prayer

Praying in Secret (Matthew 6:6)

  • The secret place
  • The secret reward

Praying with Trust (Matthew 6:7)

  • The Father’s knowledge
  • The Father’s character
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