||40days|| week five: follow the Leader

Leadership is a hot topic these days. Go into any bookstores and you will find hundreds of books on leadership. Being a leader is different depending on the setting. It is one thing to lead a race with many in pursuit of you but it is another thing to lead a team where you facilitate others working together toward a goal.

Unfortunately, what is often neglected in the discussions of leadership is the secondary concept of being a follower. Even to read ‘being a follower’ may conjure up negative ideas in our minds. But as we continue our ||40days|| journey, our interaction with Jesus must move from being our own leader to letting Him lead us, from trying to lead everything to learning to be His follower.

When Jesus began His public ministry, we read of John the Baptist identifying Him as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). Time again and again, we encounter John directing people’s attention to Jesus in this way.

It is only natural that eventually even some of John’s followers wanted to find out more about Jesus. So, we read Read More »

The Changing Ministry with Single Adults?

At the end of August, I posted about an article in The Economist looking at the increase of single adults internationally entitled “Singletons: the attraction of solitude.” There was a lot of great dialogue around that post which, if you missed it, was really enlightening about church ministry to singles.

Just yesterday, I came across another article from Leadership on this topic entitled “What Happened to Singles Ministry?” The author, a staff member of a church in San Diego, writes about the changing face of ministry to single adults in church settings.

Here are some major premises shared in the article:

  • Singles don’t actually want to be part of a singles ministry.
  • “Singles’ needs are best addressed in a segregated setting” is a faulty premise.
  • Singles ministries that focus primarily on the needs of singles emotionally destabilize the group.
  • Segregated singles ministries are more susceptible to becoming emotionally toxicRead More »

Leadership Forum – April 30, 2012

This past Monday night at Eastbrook Church, we gathered together for our quarterly Leadership Forum. I am so thankful for all those who came together for this important time to look at vision and direction.

Our focus for this gathering was on multiplying at every level, in particular developing ministry leaders at the church. We talked about the need to multiply disciples and ministry leaders if we are ever to be a part of God’s work in reaching more people through multiplying churches or sites. I utilized 2 Timothy 2:2 as a basis for our discussion of the reproductive principle we see in nature (e.g., seeds to plants to scattering seeds) and in the ministry of Jesus Christ (e.g., selecting twelve, sending twelve, sending the seventy).

We discussed the challenge of taking action versus waiting on God in prayer. We discussed the variety of ways that we can reach out to develop others.

My challenge to everyone present was that each of us pray that God would lead us to at least one other person whom we could pour ourselves into so that they might be able to do what we do in ministry.

You can view the slide presentation that accompanied our discussion below.

Good Kings and Bad Kings

When I read through 1 Kings and consider the different kings of Judah and Israel, one question comes back to my mind again and again. The question is this: what is the difference between a good king and a bad king?

Traveling through the history of God’s people, we receive a running commentary on their kings. You encounter name after name with lists of accolades and failures, offering us not just a chronology but a theological assessment of these leaders.

The writer of 1 Kings describes each leader in terms of Read More »

The Pathway to Slow Decline, part 2

This continues a post from yesterday looking at the slow decline of Saul the Benjamite, the first king of Israel. As I recently read through Saul’s story again, I was struck by the pattern of Saul’s slow decline. Here are a few reflections on that for us today.

Tormented and Angry Saul
It is shortly after Saul’s disobedience that David appears on the scene. Samuel secretly anoints David as the next king at God’s request (16:13).Read More »