King Coming

This coming weekend at Eastbrook Church, we will begin a new series entitled “King Coming.” This is the second part of our journey through the Gospel of Mark, which began with our series “The Real Jesus.” This series comes at the pivot-point of Mark’s Gospel, where Jesus begins His journey toward Jerusalem. It links up with the season of Advent, which is a time to enter into Israel’s longing for the Messiah and the Church’s longing for Jesus’ return.

Perhaps the most penetrating question that Jesus ever asks His disciples is found in Mark 8:29, “But what about you? Who do you say I am?” It is one thing to have information about Jesus, but it is an entirely different thing to make a personal response to Jesus. In this Advent series we will walk through the major transition from the first to the second half of the Gospel of Mark with focus on Jesus as the coming King who changes everything about human existence.

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