||40days|| week three: turn from distraction

Recent studies show that we are more distracted than ever before. A documentary entitled Digital Nation, featured a study of multitasking MIT students who attempted to complete more work by simultaneously doing five or six tasks. The students assumed they were more efficient by doing this, yet the study revealed that they were actually slower and distracted more easily as they switched from one thing to another.

In another arena, there has been serious discussion about legislation to deal with road safety and distracted driving in the last two years. A 2008 study revealed that 16% of all traffic fatalities involved distracted driving. In raw lives, this means that six-thousand people died in 2008 from distracted driving accidents.

Distraction is a powerful thing. Even as I have been writing this blog post, I’ve switched tabs on my web browser multiple times, checked my email, adjusted the music I was listening to, and had a conversation with someone. Distractions are all around us.

Superficially, distraction really has nothing to do with the ||40days|| journey with Jesus we’re on right now. Distraction does not seem like a spiritual issue. But the truth is that the more we make a pattern of distraction in our lives, the less we are able to be truly present with God and others.

We need to turn from distraction in order to focus with God. In all of the things that call out for attention when we are at work, at home, or simply moving from place to place, we must be able to turn our attention to God. Many people will say that this means establishing a set apart time each day to read Scripture, pray, and be still. Regardless of the time we do that, it is probably a good idea. If we are willing to set apart specific times to eat meals, prepare for our work, or watch a favorite television show, why shouldn’t we have focused, un-distracted time with God?

Give me an undivided heart,
that I may fear Your name. (Psalm 86:11, NIV)

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