A Prayer of Bowing Down at the Beginning of the Day

The LORD is gracious and merciful
long-suffering, and of great kindness.
The LORD is loving to everyone,
and his mercy is over all his works.”
(Psalm 145:8-9, Coverdale)

I bow down, O LORD, before You
that You might raise me up again into this day.
I bow down my desires and my goals,
my dreams and my pursuits.
I bow down my fears and confusion,
my stumbling blocks and temptations.
I bow down my marriage and my parenting,
my friendships and my aloneness.
I bow down my job and my leisure,
my tasks and my spare time.

I bow all myself down before You, O LORD,
that You might raise me up again.

Raise me up in Your grace and truth,
in Your way and Your life.
Raise me out of the old, false self
and into the new, true, undivided self.
Raise me into the enduring peace of Your presence
and the steadfast love of Your being.
Raise me into the shadow of the Cross
and the brilliance of the open tomb.

As I bow down, O Lord, raise me up this day
that I might walk in life with You.

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