I speak regularly at Eastbrook Church, where I serve as the Senior Pastor. You can access our messages in audio and video format via the Eastbrook app, through our Vimeo channel or by subscribing to our audio podcast.

Upcoming speaking

Fort Wilderness
Family Camp 4 at Fort Wilderness
McNaughton, WI
July 9-15, 2022

Past speaking


March 5 – “Finding Your Story in the Easter Story”Preaching Today Skill Builder with Steve Carter and Mark Moore

February 19 & 20 – “He Must Increase, I Must Decrease” – Fellowship Bible Church (Batesville, AR)

January 30 – “To Live as One for the Sake of the World”Kettlebrook Church (West Bend & Jackson, WI)

January 22/23 – “To Be Sent on Mission”Northbrook Church (Richfield, WI)


February 7 – “Living Like We Know Who We Are”Meadowbrook Church (Wauwatosa, WI)

February 6 – “Growing in Christ in Trying Times”No Regrets Men’s Conference (Brookfield, WI)

January 17 – Milwaukee Declaration: “MLK Day Pastors Forum”

August 7-13 – Family Camp 8 – Fort Wilderness (McNaughton, WI)

August 18 – Eastbrook Academy Teachers Retreat – Salvation Army Camp Wonderland (Racine, WI)


December 3 & 6 – “Mighty God”Elmbrook Church (Brookfield, WI)

October 28 – “Love Like Jesus – Loved by Jesus” – Chapel at Brookfield Christian School

October 27 – “Preparing People for Christmas with Advent Preaching” for Monday Morning Preacher Podcast

September 20 – Milwaukee Declaration: “Pastors Forum on Race in America”

July 25-31 – Family Camp 6 – Fort Wilderness (McNaughton, WI)

July 2  – Milwaukee Declaration & TMJ4: “Pastors Forum on Race in America – part 4”; Hosted by Shannon Sims (Facebook Live)

June 19 – UW-Milwaukee Administrative Leadership Graduate program: Guest speaker with Kurt Owens for Milwaukee Declaration on “Foundations of Systems of Educational Equity” (Milwaukee, WI)

June 18 – Milwaukee Declaration: “Pastors Forum on Race in America – part 3”

June 4 – Milwaukee Declaration“Pastors Forum on Race in America – part 2”

May 28 – Milwaukee Declaration: “Pastors Forum on Race in America”

May 12 – Preaching Today webinar: “Pivoting Your Summer Preaching Series” with Lawrence Aker III and Matt Woodley

March 7 – “Love – Sex – Body: an overview” – Regional Men’s Bible Study (Mequon, WI)

February 6 – Monday Morning Preacher Podcast: “Preaching on Sexuality”

February 1 – “Work as Worship: Discipleship of Faith & Work” –  No Regrets Men’s Conference (Brookfield, WI)

January 20 – Milwaukee Declaration: Living Out the Dream (Milwaukee, WI)


June 29-July 5 – Family Camp 3 at Fort Wilderness (McNaughton, WI)

June 23: Parklawn Assembly of God: “Taking the Great Commandment Seriously” (Milwaukee, WI)

February 2 – “Praying Like a Master: Learning How to Pray with Jesus” –
No Regrets Men’s Conference (Brookfield, WI)

January 29 – Emcee for 9th annual “State of Milwaukee” Symposium on Poverty: How to Mobilize a Generous Church to Address Physical & Spiritual Poverty through Unity and Collaboration – National Christian Foundation (Milwaukee, WI)

January 21, 2019 – “Neighbors of the Dream” with Bishop Walter Harvey – Milwaukee Declaration (Milwaukee, WI)

January 4-6 – “Give Me an Undivided Heart” – Eastbrook Church Student Ministry Retreat at Fort Wilderness (McNaughton, WI)


July 21-22 – “I Am Loved Beyond Measure” – Elmbrook Church (Brookfield, WI)

June 23-29 – “The Art of Prayer” – Family Camp 2 at Fort Wilderness (McNaughton, WI)

February 3 – “Biblical Manhood” – No Regrets Men’s Conference (Brookfield, WI)


April 29 – CRU Inner City-Milwaukee Annual Banquet (Milwaukee, WI)

February 4 – “To Work is to Worship” – No Regrets Men’s Conference (Brookfield, WI)


August 1-2 – “Aiming for Second Place” – Elmbrook Church (Brookfield, WI)

July 19 – “Learning to Pray from Jesus” – Brooklife Church

May 14 – “Work as a Call to Worship” – Unleashed Conference (Brookfield, WI)

February 6  – “Essentials of Spiritual Growth” – No Regrets Men’s Conference (Brookfield, WI)


December – EMQ Podcast #4 – Evangelical Missions Quarterly

October – “Racial Reconciliation through Christ’s Blood” – Ethnos Church (Milwaukee, WI)

February – “Living with Spiritual Influence” – No Regrets Men’s Conference (Brookfield, WI)