Only What the Lord Tells Me

Sometimes, our life with God feels complicated. We wonder what God is speaking. We consider our decisions deeply and ponder what God has next for us. We look at difficult relationships and think through how we will best honor God with our words and actions. Our workplace brings us into situations that force us into hard spots of living for God.

There are moments, however, when it all seems simple. There are times when the clouds seem to break and it is as if the light of God pours forth on our lives making everything seem so clear and uncomplicated.

Micaiah the prophet experienced and shows us the simplicity of life Read More »

Good Kings and Bad Kings

When I read through 1 Kings and consider the different kings of Judah and Israel, one question comes back to my mind again and again. The question is this: what is the difference between a good king and a bad king?

Traveling through the history of God’s people, we receive a running commentary on their kings. You encounter name after name with lists of accolades and failures, offering us not just a chronology but a theological assessment of these leaders.

The writer of 1 Kings describes each leader in terms of Read More »