The Gift We Really Need

My message at Eastbrook’s Christmas Eve services was entitled “The Gift We Really Need.” You can watch the video below or through the Eastbrook app, listen to it via our audio podcast, or read the entire text below the video. Join us for our next sermon series beginning in January, “Unschackled,” from the letter of the Apostle Paul to the Philippians.

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Signs of the King: Christmas Eve 2016

christmas-eve-graphicsAs I mentioned yesterday, I’m catching up on some posts on my blog and wanted to share my Christmas Eve message, “Signs of the King,” with you all. Although the message is not available yet in audio or video format, I am including the entire text of the message below. I rarely write out my messages, but for shorter ones that require such precision, brevity, and clarity I often do so. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve 2016 – “Signs of the King”
Matt Erickson

This past year one of my sons received his driver’s license. It took me back to those days many of us may remember – and some of us anticipate – when we are learning the rules of the road. Some things change, but a lot of things don’t change: it’s still scary to learn to drive (even if you’re excited about it) – it’s still stressful to take your driver’s test – and you still have to know what the signs mean.

When I first received my driver’s license, I was driving with my friend, Nathan, who told me that every STOP sign with a white border was optional. So…at the next STOP sign with a white border, I decided to just cruise right through it…and he freaked out. It was a dumb thing to do because, in case you didn’t know it, every STOP sign has a white border around it…and none of them are optional…they all mean the same thing: STOP.

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