Will Mancini, “Church Unique” (#Exponential 2010)

I attended the pre-conference session with Will Mancini. Will is the author of Church Unique and a very helpful voice on leadership and clarity. I have not yet read Church Unique, but it has fueled a number of conversations recently between me and Jason. I found Will’s session to be very thought-provoking and challenging.

I took copious notes from Will’s session which you can access as a PDF here. However, here are some highlights from those notes:

  1. Vision is the most overused and least understood term in the leaders’ vocabulary
  2. Most churches are over-programmed and under-discipled
  3. Ironically, church plants can be the worst at copy-catting one another
  4. God wants to do something cosmically significant yet locally specific in your church
  5. If your vision is not stunningly unique, you probably don’t’ have one

Counterfeit Clarity (these might be helpful steps, but not vision in themselves):

  1. Photocopied vision: you can see within 5-minutes what the last conference the staff has attended (e.g., “fully devoted follower,” “environments”)
  2. Lofty One-Liner:  not necessarily vision
  3. Compelling page dump: that by itself is not visionary leadership
  4. Strategic planning notebook: don’t need a huge planning notebook
  5. ADD Pastor: unbounded creativity does not necessarily equal visionary leadership

Four-fold Movement – process for gaining vision

  1. Rethink Vision – repenting of how we’ve thought of vision previously
  2. Uncover – discover your kingdom concept
  3. Talk Up – Before you frame a statement, you’ve got to state your vision framework (common definitions)
  4. Live Out – tools to help us integrate vision with life; how well is everything in your church configured around whatever the big idea of your church is?

For more from Will Mancini, read my full notes here.

[This is part of a series of note-posts from the Exponential 2010 conference.]