Truly Community

This past weekend at Eastbrook Church, we continued a series called “Roots” by looking at the nature of the Christian community, the church. Building from the Acts 2 birth of the church at Pentecost, we explore the essence of the community life lived out through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

You can watch my message from this past weekend and follow along with the message outline below. You can also engage with the entire series here or download the Eastbrook mobile app for even more opportunities for involvement.

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Roots: Looking Back and Reaching Forward


This coming weekend at Eastbrook Church we begin a new preaching series entitled “Roots: Looking Back and Reaching Forward.” This series is the second of a three-part series related to our 40th anniversary as a church, following on our series, “Power in Prayer.” This is a series celebrating our legacy as a church, and also recalibrating as we head into the future together. We will look back at what God has done in our midst at Eastbrook, while also looking forward to what God is calling us into as a church.

September 7/8 – “Activated by the Holy Spirit”

September 14/15 – “Truly Community”

September 21/22 – “Growing Disciples”

September 28/29 – “Sacrificial Generosity”

October 4/5 – “Worship in the Beauty of Holiness”

Multiplied Joy

This past weekend at Eastbrook Church I concluded our series “Unshackled: Joy Beyond Circumstances” on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians. I took us through the last section of the letter, Philippians 4:4-23, where Paul draws together some final exhortations and personal reflections. This section has some of the most well-known verses in the entire letter, which makes it both a delight and a challenge to preach in its context.

You can view the video and sermon outline of this message, “Multiplied Joy,” below. You can also follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast.

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Community and Labor

This past two weekends at Eastbrook Church have been a real joy for me as two friends, Gabriel Douglas and Will Branch, preached as part of our journey with the Psalms of Ascent, “Ascend.

Gabriel walked us through Psalm 122, focusing on worship and community, two weekends ago.  Gabriel is a ministry resident working with me this year at Eastbrook. He preached a couple of summers ago in the midst of our series on Judges, “Flawed Heroes,” and I was really blessed by his message this time, “Community.” You can watch Gabriel’s message here.

Then, Will Branch took us into Psalm 127, opening the topic of humanity’s partnership with God in the labor we undertake. Psalm 127 is one of those interesting psalms that has two parts that at first glance seem nearly unrelated. The first part is about working and watching, while the second half is about children and our heritage. Will did a masterful job bringing the two parts together in a way that opened things up for all of us. Here’s Will’s message for your viewing pleasure.

You can follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast. We also have a reading plan for this series, which you can access here.


We began our journey with the Psalms of Ascent, “Ascend,” this weekend at Eastbrook, spending time with Psalm 120. In this message, I explore themes of the spiritual life with God as a pilgrimage or journey, honesty and hopeful prayer, the need for community, and living in peace instead of hatred or hopelessness.

Here is the video and sermon outline of this first message of the Ascend series, “Peace.” You can follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast. We also have a reading plan for this series, which you can access here.


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One Church: a final word

One Church Series Gfx_ThumbThis past weekend we concluded the “One Church” series here at Eastbrook Church. It was such a joy for me to have some good friends share the Scripture with us during these past weeks. The irony of this series is that originally it was not planned to theme around unity in God’s people, but slowly morphed into that theme as each of the pastors shared what they were going to speak about. I really sensed the Holy Spirit moving in our midst as each week, one of these outstanding pastors shared with us from the Scripture.

If you didn’t get the chance to watch or listen, please visit the sermon series page here or our Vimeo channel page to view each message:

Elie Hasbani, “Maintaining the Unity of the Church”

Bishop Walter Harvey, “Jumping the Broom”

Jason Webb, “Conflict: The Cause. The Cure”

Jim Caler, “Unity Worth Fighting For”

Vision Weekend at Eastbrook Church

This weekend at Eastbrook Church was the kick-off of our ministry year and I took the opportunity to refocus us on Jesus and our vision as a church. Our vision statement is:

To proclaim and embody the love of Jesus Christ in the city and in the world.

Along with that, we are focusing on six priorities (see below) with two focus words for the year: deep and wide.

The outline and video file for the message is below. You can listen to the message via our audio podcast here. You can also visit Eastbrook Church on VimeoFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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