Grief: a poetic reflection

falling fast in a dark shaft
with no handholds or bottom below

cast out on rough seas alone
struggling to stay above the waves

walking ghostly among the corporeal world
or like the only fleshly body in a landscape of phantoms

nauseous stomach like something within needs to be expelled
yet empty inside with a sucking black hole fixed at the center

a multi-story building crashing down upon all around
scattering debris and forms unmade and unidentifiable

cold—ice cold—stripped bare in Arctic air
and burning in a waterless desert under a scalding sun

the numbness of all this existing inside
concurrently with everyday, ordinary life

Thursdays with Murray [Humility, week 3]

Andrew Murray 2Over the next weeks, I am interacting with some of the writings of Andrew Murray. Murray was a South African pastor and missionary during the 19th and early 20th centuries. I am spending time first with his short book Humility.

In chapter 3, Murray looks in a more focused way at the humility evident in Jesus’ life. He turns it around like a gem in his hand to identify and reflect on its different facets. He then compares Jesus’ humility to our approach to God. The following series of quotes caught my attention:Read More »