Roots: Looking Back and Reaching Forward


This coming weekend at Eastbrook Church we begin a new preaching series entitled “Roots: Looking Back and Reaching Forward.” This series is the second of a three-part series related to our 40th anniversary as a church, following on our series, “Power in Prayer.” This is a series celebrating our legacy as a church, and also recalibrating as we head into the future together. We will look back at what God has done in our midst at Eastbrook, while also looking forward to what God is calling us into as a church.

September 7/8 – “Activated by the Holy Spirit”

September 14/15 – “Truly Community”

September 21/22 – “Growing Disciples”

September 28/29 – “Sacrificial Generosity”

October 4/5 – “Worship in the Beauty of Holiness”

Generous Faith

Faith Life Series Gfx_16x9 TitleWhat happens when we really get a sense of God’s grace in our lives? It changes us and how we relate to others.

This weekend at Eastbrook Church we explored how God’s unstoppable grace leads us into a generous faith in the third part our series, “Faith Life.” This series is a journey around themes of faith from the life of Abraham. This week took us through Abraham’s interactions with Lot in Genesis 13 and 14.

The outline and video file for the message are below. You can listen to the message via our audio podcast here. You can access the entire series of messages from the “Faith Life” series here. You can also visit Eastbrook Church on VimeoFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Real reach 4I continued our series “Real Rich” this weekend at Eastbrook Church with a message entitled “Less.” In this message, I attempted to pull together a wide variety of biblical principles and values that help us honor God in our finances.

The outline for the message is below. You can listen to the message online here or download it via the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also visit Eastbrook Church on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Saturday Prayer 26

In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. (2 Corinthians 8:2)

Lord, I want to give myself over to You first and foremost. I know that only then will true joy begin in my life. I know that only then will true generosity toward others begin.

I know that I tend toward self-made version of joy and generosity that all too easily fail. Lead me to You, so that I might grasp Your gracious giving to me and lay all myself down at Your feet.

[This is part of a series of prayer posts in 2012 that began here.]

4 Resources on Generosity in our Faith

As I prepared my message this past week entitled “Generous,” I utilized a number of resources alongside of the Bible that I found helpful in shaping my thoughts. Here are four that I thought were worth sharing.

Generous Justice by Tim Keller – a great take on what it means to be the people of God in word and deed by a committed evangelical.

The Rise of Christianity by Rodney Stark – a sociological take on what contributed to the rise of Christianity with particular attention to the role of mercy ministries.

Freedom of Simplicity by Richard Foster – one of Foster’s lesser known works that speaks powerfully to the role of simplicity and the grace of giving in the Christian life.

The latest issue of Christian History magazine on hospitals and healthcare.

Maybe you have your own resources alongside the Bible that you’d like to share. I’d love to hear about them.