Loving Our Muslim Neighbors

These last couple of days have seen some terrible events in Libya, as well as ongoing tensions directed against the US around the Muslim world. As I reflected on this turn of events this morning, I was reminded of Jesus’ statement that the greatest commandment is fulfilled in loving God with all of who we are and loving our neighbor as ourselves. It is difficult to love our neighbor when terrible things happen, yet the call of Christ is the same.

There is a profound word for our day about this within The Cape Town Commitment of the Lausanne Movement. At the beginning of section IIC in the “Call to Action” for the world, we read the words included below. In light of these past few days, and the anger directed at our country, what does it look like to live these things out?

1. ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ includes persons of other faiths

In view of the affirmations made in The Cape Town Confession of Faith section 7 (d), we respond to our high calling as disciples of Jesus Christ to see people of other faiths as our neighbours in the biblical sense. They are human beings created in God’s image, whom God loves and for whose sins Christ died. We strive not only to see them as neighbours, but to obey Christ’s teaching by being neighbours to them. We are called to be gentle, but not naïve; to be discerning and not gullible; to be alert to whatever threats we may face, but not ruled by fear.Read More »

Encountering the World of Islam

This Fall we will be hosting Encountering the World of Islam at Eastbrook Church. I am thrilled that we can in some small way be a part of this great experience. Here is a description of the class taken from the web-site:

Encountering the World of Islam is a twelve lesson course which combines typical learning assignments with experiential activities and on-line interactions for an integrated learning environment. Each course lesson is taught by a different Muslim or Christian expert. In each lesson you will explore the Muslim world and God’s plan for Muslims by reading from a collection of writings about the life of Muhammad, the history of Islamic civilization, Islamic beliefs, Muslims today, and the everyday lives of Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia. Gain insight into diverse Muslim cultures and worldviews as well as Christian outreach toward Muslims, our response to Islam, and prayer for the Muslim world. The course textbook has more than 80 authors providing a broad range of perspectives on Islam.

Join us for the kick-off class this Sunday, September 9, from 5-8 PM at Holy Grounds Cafe. The first class is free, but the cost to enroll in the entire class is $250. You can sign-up online or take a look at the class brochure here.

Come join us!