The Hunger to Leave a Legacy [Hungry for God]

As we enter into Holy Week and bring the climax to our Lenten journey, I concluded our series, “Hungry for God,” this past weekend at Eastbrook Church.

This weekend I explored the hunger to leave a legacy. Because this was Palm Sunday, I intertwined the exploration of legacy with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. This would definitely not be my normal manner of approaching the topic of legacy, but I went for it and you can explore it with me through the message video and sermon outline below. You can follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast.

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The New Temple


This weekend at Eastbrook Church I continued the series, “Crossroads,” which corresponds with our Lenten journey to the Cross.  This second message is entitled “The New Temple” and looks at Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the cleansing of the Temple in Luke 19:28-48.

This is a pivotal message that explores how Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem disrupts the Temple-centric worship of the people of Israel by foretelling the deconstruction of the Jerusalem Temple and the reconstruction of God’s new Temple not built by hands. You’ll have to watch it or listen to it to see what is going on.

You can follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast.

Also, join in with the daily devotional and reading plan for this series here.


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King Coming


This weekend, I concluded our series, “King Coming,” at Eastbrook Church with a message entitled, “King Coming.” Because of my change of plans with the message last week (see “A Response to the Connecticut Tragedy“), I brought together a look at Jesus’ triumphal approach to Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-11) and Jesus’ three declarations of what He would face in Jerusalem (Mark 8:31-339:30-3210:32-34).

The central point of my message was that Jesus is the promised king who will give everything so that we can receive everything God has for us.

You can listen to the message at the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also follow the RSS feed for Eastbrook sermons or follower Eastbrook Church on Twitter or Facebook.

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