Pray as a Church in August [Summer of Prayer]

As we continue our Summer of Prayer at Eastbrook Church into August our theme is praying as a church. Certainly we pray as a church in our weekly worship gatherings and at other times, but specifically this month we are calling the church family into a time of intercession for our city together. At 9 AM on Saturday, August 18, we are gathering around the city to simply walk around neighborhoods in which we, or others within the church, live to ask God to renew our city by His loving and mighty hand.

To facilitate this, we are asking people to sign up to pray in one of 15 regions we have outlined in the city according to a map here. There are prayer captains for each of these regions who will help facilitate the prayer walk, communicate with you ahead of time and follow-up afterwards.

24-7 Prayer at Eastbrook

Summer-of-Prayer-Ads_App-Wide-2.pngThis Sunday, July 15, at 6 AM we begin a week of 24-7 Prayer here at Eastbrook. This is part of our Summer of Prayer in July where we are focusing on learning how to pray together with others. Holy Grounds Coffeehouse will be open for prayer with others during this entire week for prayer.

Participants can participate with interactive prayer stations (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) that will encourage personal prayer, as well as create space for groups (families, life groups, etc.) to pray together. Plan to spend about an hour in the various stations.

Holy Trinity Brompton shares this in their booklet History Belongs to the Intercessors:

Some of the most remarkable moments in church history have been marked by 24-7 prayer:

  • When the Holy Spirit visited a 24-7 Prayer Room in an upper room in Jerusalem, the church was born!
  • Monastic communities have practiced the laus perennis – perpetual prayer, for centuries
  • During the eighteenth century, Moravians in the German village of Herrnhut prayed continually for more than 100 years. From that remarkable prayer meeting they sent out missionaries all over the world, even converting John Wesley
  • The Pentecostal movement began in 1906 when the Holy Spirit was poured out on a multiracial 24-7 Prayer Room in Azusa Street, Los Angeles

If you want to dig more deeply into how to pray, you may enjoy accessing the resources pulled together from the 24-7 Prayer movement, including the Prayer Course.


Prayer Course and prayer resources

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.03.07 AM.pngAs we prepare for a week of 24/7 Prayer at Eastbrook Church (July 15-21) as part of our summer of prayer, I want to encourage you to explore the great resources available at the 24-7 Prayer movement’s web-site.

Specifically, I’d like to encourage you to access the online Prayer Course they have put together.  Journey through the Lord’s Prayer with six short videos and a handy ‘cheat sheet’ for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen your prayer life and the prayer life of the church. The sessions are:

  • Adoration (“Our Father in heaven”)
  • Petition (“Give us this day”)
  • Intercession (“Your kingdom come”)
  • Perseverance (“Your will be done”)
  • Listening (“Our daily bread”)
  • Warfare (“Deliver us from evil”)

Pray with Others in July [Summer of Prayer]

This July at Eastbrook Church we continue our summer of prayer with an invitation to pray with others. While we can pray with others in our Life Groups, neighborhoods, families, apartment complexes, or schools, I want to specifically invite you to join us in a week of 24/7 prayer in July. During the week of July 15-21 we are transforming the Holy Grounds coffeehouse into a 24/7 prayer room. More information to come soon, but please mark your calendars for this important opportunity to reach out to God in prayer with others during that week.

30 Days of Prayer in June: Pray Where You Are [Summer of Prayer]

June prayer

This June at Eastbrook Church we begin our summer of prayer with 30 Days of Prayer.  I want to invite you to join us in covering every hour of every day in the month of June in prayer. We are doing this by inviting people to sign up for 15-minutes time slots of prayer. You can pray at work or at school, at home or on the bus. You can pray wherever they are.

Join in by signing up for a time-slot (or two) here. You don’t have to be a member of Eastbrook to join this initiative:

For inspiration, enjoy this song by the Lost Dogs, “Pray Where You Are.”