The Word of God

I’ve been reading a book recently that has led me to think quite a lot about understanding the word of God. I would highly recommend Dallas Willard’s book, Hearing God, for better understanding how to develop a conversational relationship with God.

In the midst of a full discussion of the different ways in which God speaks to us, Willard emphasizes the importance of hearing God’s still, small voice. He draws us upon God’s calling to Samuel as a child in the temple (1 Samuel 3) and Elijah’s encounter with God on the mountain of Horeb (1 Kings 19).

Hear these words from Willard in this section:

God is not impassive towards us, like the pagan idol, but calls us to grow into a life of personal interchange with him that does justice to the idea of our being his children. (108)

A simply statement, but an important idea for us to comprehend. God speaks to His children. We are His and He is ours. He speaks.

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