Ken Blanchard, “Lead Like Jesus” (#Exponential 2010)

Ken Blanchard, famed speaker and writer on leadership (think The One-Minute Manager) describes himself as a late-comer to the faith at the age of 50.  One of Ken’s latest initiatives is Lead Like Jesus, an effort to inspire and equip people to lead like Jesus. Here are some notes from Blanchard’s session at Exponential 2010.

Jesus was the best one-minute manager of all time.

Situational leadership was what Jesus did: enthusiastic beginners (directing), disillusioned learners (coaching), capable but cautious (supporting), and competent (delegating).

“Is there any time that there is more of a need for servant leadership than now?”

Part One: Leading like Jesus: the transformation of YOU (heart)

Question 1: “Are you leading to serve or be served?”

The #1 leadership style at play right now in most places is “seagull management”; most of the time the leader is above it all but every once in awhile they fly in, peck at things, dump on you, and fly away.

Servant leadership = “It’s not about you. It’s about your people.”

Question 2: “Are you a good steward?”

A servant leader says ‘thank you’ when you offer feedback.

What are you doing with what’s been given you on loan: people, resources, etc.

Question 3: “Do you believe every single person is important?”

The Shepherd role: in search of the 1 that is lost.

Reaching out to everybody.

Bob Greenleaf: “You have to be a servant first and a leader second.” → start with servanthood in your heart

Part Two: Leading like Jesus – the transformation of the mind

Aspect #1: Set good vision & values (leadership)

“We believe that a close encounter with Jesus transforms us, so that we can change the world. We want to make God smile.”

“Don’t try to be politically correct: it’s Jesus, it’s Jesus, it’s Jesus…”

Aspect #2: Turning the pyramid upside down to serve for implementation

Jesus washing His disciples feet → just as I have done this for you

“You [congregation] can do it – we [staff] can help” not “We can do it – you can help.”

Part Three: Leading like Jesus – Habits of Leading Like Jesus

“What does it mean to have abundant life?”

Joy, peace, and righteousness

If we detach from the vine (John 15), we are going to lose our energy

  1. Solitude – quiet, alone with the Father; to deal with grief, calling, pride
  2. Prayer – place for power of God
  3. Scripture – understanding the Scripture
  4. Small group – place to be vulnerable
  5. Unconditional Love of God – do not think that your self-worth is based on your performance plus others’ opinion

[This is part of a series of note-posts from the Exponential 2010 conference.]

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