Reggie McNeal on Missional Church (#Exponential 2010)

Reggie McNeal is the Missional Leadership Specialist for Leadership Network of Dallas, TX.  He is the other of several books; his latest is Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church.

Here are my notes from Reggie’s plenary session. It was hard to take notes on this session simply because Reggie was uniquely all over the place and inspiring.

“The church-centric world that I grew up in has changed.”

Missional Church is…

The people of God: how do we be ‘the church’ not ‘a church’; church is a verb, not a noun/destination – everywhere I am, I ‘church’ – I am the incarnational presence of Jesus wherever I already am. When the airport thinks it’s the destination, it’s missing the point. I go to airports as a means to fulfill my life mission – to do life.

Partnering with Him

In His redemptive mission – we have a job to be a blessing to many people; how are we doing at blessing the world?

In the world.

[This is part of a series of note-posts from the Exponential 2010 conference.]

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