Putting Our Safety on the Back Burner

When I heard Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman’s story yesterday about winning the Pulitzer Prize for their investigative reporting in Philadelphia, I couldn’t stop listening. It was just a fascinating story.

But here is the one statement that hit me like a ton of bricks. They were talking about the risks involved with walking the streets and knocking on doors for interviews as ethnic and social minorities, and Barbara Laker said this:

we kind of went with this no matter what and put … our safety on the back burner.

Here are two women who are willing to go to great lengths for the sake of their story. They are willing to meet people, cross boundaries, risk retaliation from police, and more for the sake of their larger purpose.

Okay, so here is the rub. If these women are willing to risk so much for this story, how much are we willing to risk for the greatest story? Sometimes, I fear that I’m far too safe with my Christianity. It’s hard not to. Our culture encourages us to think about long-term and short-term security.

But as Alan Hirsch says, “The closer we get to Jesus, the more He challenges our middle-class sensibilities.”

So, are we willing to put our safety on the back burner, and risk it all for the sake of God’s larger kingdom purposes?

How have you been risky in your pursuit of Jesus?

2 thoughts on “Putting Our Safety on the Back Burner

  1. Risky…I suppose…Our family moved into our neighborhood…two years ago this Mother’s day. As for me, it means getting a house settled and organized. In my life’s journey I have discovered that I am a very relational person an very much enjoy the company of my female friends. I met a very lovely woman here in my neighborhood. She became my first friend. Here. Come Winter I really was missing a portion of my life…small group…particularly, small groups with women. With the help of my friend, who gave me names and phone numbers, I called about 20 women to join me for tea one evening. I also explained that I was interested in beginning a Winter Women’s Bible study in our Neighborhood. I had 15 show up and sign up. We just finished our second year. What a blessing! Risky. It felt like it. Worth it. Definitely.

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