Ministry Mulligans (via Leadership)

A couple of people drew my attention to an article entitled “Ministry Mulligans” by Jack Connell in the most recent issue of Leadership. The honesty and insight Connell offers in this article are both admirable and poignant for anyone in ministry at any level. We all would do well to consider these words from someone who was in ministry for nearly two decades before going another direction. He shares four significant lessons derived in large part from mistakes he made. I am reprinting the first paragraph of the article here to whet your appetite:

I used to be a pastor. For nearly two decades, I enjoyed the thrills, spills, chills and can’t-quite-pay-the-bills of local church ministry. Now, five years after packing up my office for the final time, I still think about those years in the pastorate every single day. No exceptions. It’s as though the word pastor is branded on my heart. And as I reflect on those 1,000 weeks in the world’s most glorious, dangerous profession, I often think about what I would do differently if I had another shot at it. If I was given a ministry mulligan, here is what I’d do with it….[read the entire article here]

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