How is God Speaking to You? (week 15)

God is speaking to you and me. What is He saying? I would love to hear from you about that.

A number of people have joined me in reading through the Bible in a year together in 2011. Every week, I will simply be leaving a small post where you all can leave responses of how God has been speaking to you through reading the Scriptures each day. This gives us the unique opportunity to keep a record together of how God speaks through the year to all of us.

So, how has God been speaking to you this week?

2 thoughts on “How is God Speaking to You? (week 15)

  1. I have recently been laid off. In addition to losing my job, my salary, my computer and all related contacts, I am struggling with the uncertainties of this path I’m now on. Your blog “Two Ways to Trust in Ourselves” shows exactly what I do not want to do–rush in either one direction or another without God’s leading… I’m not afraid God has abandoned me, I’m afraid of what He has in store for me–am I up to it?

    • Thanks for the honesty, Ann. I think that your situation isn’t altogether that different from the Israelites, who were facing some very difficult things. The truth is that we are not up for what He has in many ways…but He strengthens us with His power and presence to be up for it with Him.

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