How is God Speaking to You? (week 34)

I would love to hear from you about how God is speaking to you each day as you read the Bible. Whether you are part of the group of people reading through the Bible in a year together in 2011 with me or not, please feel free to write something here.

Simply drop a note on what God is speaking to you, whether it seems simple or profound.

2 thoughts on “How is God Speaking to You? (week 34)

  1. I read Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost For His Highest” as my daily devotional. The recent past days have been a struggle for me on a number of levels, but I never doubted that God hears my prayers, understands my need and knows my heart, yet I’ve been wondering why I’m still struggling with these particular circumstances. Yes it might be that God is permitting these issues for a time for His purposes, but this motning’s reading in My Utmost told me to consider whether I’ve been withholding things from others that I “owe” them in God’s sight, and therefore He may be choosing to wait to address my particular prayers until I cease to owe others my debt — of forgiveness to my husband, of infinite patience to my young child, of love to myself and of sweet fellowship to my friends and others. That’s my “homework” now going forward: to stop withholding such things so that my relationship with God can be more intimate.

  2. Continually urging me to be committed to His word as that is how I will get to know Him better. Not easy for me. Also, to prioritize my time after work. Many things are permissable but are they really beneficial?

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