How is God Speaking to You? (week 46)

Through 2011, I have added a weekly post about how God is speaking to you as you read the Bible. This flows out of something I have been doing this year, with some others: reading through the Bible in a year together.

Whether you are doing that or not, I have enjoyed hearing from many people how God is speaking in their lives.

So, what is God saying to you?

One thought on “How is God Speaking to You? (week 46)

  1. Isaiah 5: 8-30
    What an indictment against Israel-but wait-is this about Israel or are we reading the front page of the newspaper? Property acquisition for its own sake, unfettered party lifestyle-unrestricted consumption, pomposity-redefining what is right or wrong for our own benefit and thinking that we ourselves are so wise and clever that we don’t need God, being heroes and champions at trivial pursuits. If this isn’t society today-outside the church, but inside the church as well. What is the remedy? V. 15 & 16-“man will be brought low, mankind humbled, the eyes of the arrogant humbled, But the LORD Almighty will be exalted by his justice and the holy God will show himself righteous by his righteousness.”

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