The God of Our Future (Study Questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message from this past weekend at Eastbrook Church entitled “The God of Our Future.”

Discussion Questions

  1. What is your biggest hope for the future?
  2. As we continue our series “What is God Like?” we will look at Isaiah’s vision of future days in Isaiah 65:17-66:24. Isaiah is speaking into a time when God’s people will be exiled and losing hope in the face of their enemies. His message is essentially a message of hope.
  3. Read Isaiah 65:17-25 out loud. What are the characteristics of the new heaven and earth as described by the prophet?
  4. Take some time to read Revelation 21:1-22:6 and compare it to the vision shared by Isaiah.
  5. Now return to Isaiah and look at 66:18-24. What activity is happening in these verses? Who is involved? What does the scope of people involved say about God?
  6. Step back into the shoes of Isaiah’s hearers. They were a people on the verge of exile with little hope or sense of a future. How would Isaiah’s words address their situation?
  7. What are your biggest fears about the future of your life and the future of the world? How do the words spoken by Isaiah address your fears?
  8. Identify one way you will respond to this week’s study and sermon. Write it down, reflect on it, and put it into practice this week. If you are in a small group, discuss this with one another.

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