Live Like Children (Study Questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message from this past weekend at Eastbrook Church entitled “Live Like Children.”

Discussion Questions

  1. What is one of your favorite childhood memories? Why?
  2. Take time to read the Bible passage for this week, 1 John 2:28-3:10. Whether as a group or as individuals, take some time to identify words, phrases, or concepts that repeat throughout these verses.
  3. One special focus this week is the idea that we are children of God. Take some time to discuss what John writes about being children of God or being born of God. Compare what John writes in the Gospel of John 1:12-13 and 3:5-8 to the 1 John verses. What would you say it means to be a child of God from these verses?
  4. John writes about the appearing of Jesus Christ various times in this letter. However, he appears to be writing about this appearing in different ways. What two different aspects does John mention about Jesus’ appearing in this section, specifically in 2:28; 3:2; 3:5; 3:8?
  5. There is a strong contrast in 3:4-10 between God and the devil, as well as children of God and children of the devil.  Delineate these contrasts. You may even want to sketch out the contrasting ideas on a piece of paper or white board.
  6. What would you say is the motivation for followers of Christ to live differently from the world or children of the devil?
  7. Name one specific way you will respond to the message and study this week? Write it down, reflect on it, and put it into practice this week. If you are in a small group, discuss this with one another.

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