The Heart of Love (Study Questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message from this past weekend at Eastbrook Church entitled “The Heart of Love.”

Discussion Questions

  1. When did you first begin to truly understand the love of God? What was it that helped you truly get that understanding?
  2. As we continue the “Love Letters” series this week, we are studying 1 John 4:7-16. However, this section is connected to 4:17-21. Take a moment to read 4:7-21 out loud. Take notice of repeating words and concepts that show up in these verses.
  3. Clearly, love is a theme of this passage, as well as this entire letter of 1 John. In 4:7-16, what are some specific things John says about the love of God: what it is, how it is shown, what it looks like, etc.?
  4. The phrase “God is love” (4:9, 16) is widely used. What does John really mean by this phrase in the portion we are examining today?
  5. Would you say that the love of God has truly transformed your life? Why or why not?
  6. John writes that God’s love is a motivation for us to love one another (4:11). What do you think is the connection between God’s love and our love for others?
  7. Who is one person in your life that you could show the love of God to this week? What would that look like specifically?
  8. Identify one specific way that you will respond to the study this week. Write it down, reflect on it, and put it into practice this week. If you are in a small group, discuss this with one another.

4 thoughts on “The Heart of Love (Study Questions)

  1. I appreciate your blog. Do you have study questions on the whole of 1, 2 and 3 John. What I can find seems to jump. I want to study this passage with a mom and daughter who seem to be seeking the Lord.

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