||40days|| week two: acknowledge our brokenness

When I moved into a new house, there were some problems with the driveway. Because of ground settling, the slabs were angled toward one corner of the house. Our house inspector identified the problem and told me that if we didn’t remedy the situation in some way, there would likely be water seepage into the house along that corner.

I had a decision before me. First of all, I could acknowledge that the driveway was broken, and then do something to fix it. Alternatively, I could ignore the driveway issue, thus leaving it for a later date when, more likely than not, the problem would become a much larger and more expensive issue.

The same is true of our lives. Because of sin in our world and our experience of it in our lives, we all have broken areas in our lives. Sometimes it is brokenness in the way we relate with others, when we continue to lash out at people because of how other lashed out at us. Other times we experience brokenness in patterns of action, where we give in to painful addictions as a way to feel good about ourselves.

As with my driveway, there is a decision before us. We can either ignore our brokenness, leaving the issue for a later date when, more likely than not, the problems will be much larger and more expensive to deal with, or we can choose to acknowledge our brokenness before God and others, thus beginning the move toward wholeness.

The question is not whether you or I are broken. Rather, the question is what we will do with our brokenness.

My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit;
a broken and contrite heart
you, God, will not despise. (Psalm 51:17, NIV)

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