Mark DeYmaz on Multi-Ethnic Church, part 2

Mark DeYmaz led another session of the pre-conference here at Exponential 2013. This was a bit more practical than his first session which was more on theological foundations for multi-ethnic church. You can read my notes below [You can read notes from Mark’s previous session here.]:

20% diversity is a line from sociologists Emerson and Smith to indicate you are a multi-ethnic church

Mosaix has set a goal of 20% of churches with 20% diversity by 2020

Michael Emerson quote from 2007 article “Multi-racial Congregations are Rising”

“Faith Communities Study” by Hartford Seminary, in 2010 shows that evangelical protestants have experienced a doubling of diversity

– Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church
– Leading a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church
– ebook on the Homogeneous Unit Principle (HUP)
– Real Community Transformation ebook via
– May/June issue of Outreach magazine on community transformation
– Multi-Ethnic Church Conference in November

7 Core Commitments (from Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church):

1. Embrace Dependence: needs prayer, patience and persistence; you cannot control what is going on here; walking by faith and not by human ingenuity

2. Take Intentional Steps: partnering with God, we need to engage with this; 2 ways we can do this: 1) reject the “Homogeneous Unit Principle” and 2) understanding the difference between assimilation (asking minority culture to adapt to the majority culture) and accommodation (asking the majority culture to shift and adapt with space for the minority culture; not talking about divergent theology)

3. Empower Diverse Leadership: we talked about this yesterday, looking at Acts 13:2; we have to let our power structures, leadership and staff, begin to move beyond where we are

4. Develop Cross-Cultural Relationships: most of the metrics for church-planting don’t apply in the same way for the multi-ethnic church; you need to take time to build relationships cross-culturally; who do you invite over for dinner?; who do you go to the lake with?; there is a 100% chance that you are going to offend or be offended in a multi-ethnic church;; when you are multi-ethnic, then you touch into a broader percentage of your society (measure your ‘success’ not on numbers alone but on the wider reach of your influence)

5. Pursue Cross-Cultural Competency: asking questions; learning from one another; sometimes you are going to make mistakes

6. Promote a spirit of Inclusion: based on our cultures, we have our bulletins, slides, signage, and more represented in English and Spanish; don’t make certain people feel like second-class citizens; who is doing communion, preaching, worship leading, ushering, greeting?; regarding worship, the most important thing is worship being part of the family together, not just the style

7. Mobilize for impact: reconciling men and women to Jesus Christ; living together for the sake of the gospel

2 thoughts on “Mark DeYmaz on Multi-Ethnic Church, part 2

  1. As an interculturalist, I would argue that if you work on #5, there comes a time when you are not uncomfortable or offended. It is possible to reach the “integration” level of cultural competence where one not only understands, appreciates and accepts other cultures, but can actually demonstrate those same behaviors. The ultimate goal is not to accept others and simply recognize their differences, but rather to be able to switch your own style so that you can behave differently in varying contexts. Eventually this becomes unconscious and you are truly “multicultural.”

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