Questions about the Holy Spirit

This coming weekend at Eastbrook Church, we are beginning a new series on the Holy Spirit. I have a question for you as we do that:

what are your questions about the Holy Spirit?

Post anything you’d like here and I’ll hope to address those questions throughout this series.

5 thoughts on “Questions about the Holy Spirit

  1. How can we know when the Holy Spirit is speaking to us or directing us as opposed to our own internal “voice” (ie our worldly wants, desires, even brokenness, etc.)?

  2. The Triune nature of God is at times so challenging to grasp and comprehend. Specifically in prayer and through the study of God’s Word, the role of the Father and the Son are understandable. But, how and when should we be specifically addressing the Spirit? Intercession, thanksgiving, praise – all of the above? I, personally, do not feel that I adequately address the Spirit by name in my prayers. Looking forward to hearing this series and growing as a result of it.

  3. If a person has been given the Holy Spirit, why would they feel like God isn’t with them if the Holy Spirit is God?
    Are there certain spiritual gifts that show the activity of the Holy Spirit? (tongues, prophecy, etc.)
    If Jesus defers to the Father, does the Holy Spirit do the same?
    How can you tell if something is the leading/guidance/voice of the H.S?
    Does the Holy Spirit influence people that do not have faith in God?
    The Father and Son seem to have gender specific description. Is the Holy Spirit described in a gender specific manner?

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