Living Between Advents: Immanuel through Terror!

A friend and colleague in ministry, Francis Omondi, shared this post recently in response to the tensions in northeastern Kenya over the last few weeks. Francis powerfully brings together the longing of Advent with the challenges of terror attacks. It is well worth the read.


Living Between Advents: Immanuel by Rev. canon francis Omondi

We are called to live between Advents. Christ’s first coming which we celebrate every Christmas (First Advent) should give us a great sense of preparedness for the Second Advent. Meanwhile the Advent promise should sustain us in the in-between period with its great pressures. Here is the promise: God is with us, so that we might live. God is with us, so that we might believe. God is with us, because it is hard to believe, and God knows it!

We come into this year’s Advent season grieving. The brutal killing on Saturday 22nd November of 28 people and again on Tuesday 2nd December of 36 Christians in Mandera at the hands of Alshabaaab has shocked and frightened us. Here were Christians who had selflessly served the Muslim community, giving essential services mainly in education and health, whose dream of joining…

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