Why I’m Returning to My Blog after Sabbatical

Dear friends,

I had an amazing sabbatical this summer, and I waited to return to my blog to decide if it was something I wanted to return to or not. While I began my blog as a way to process my thoughts in conversation with other, share things I was learning, and reflect on the intersection of the spiritual life and culture, most of my recent blog posts have not done that. Instead, it became a chronicle of my speaking, thinking and writing as a Senior Pastor at Eastbrook Church.

As I return to blogging after two months back from my sabbatical, I believe this is a great opportunity to share some of my thoughts as I also walk through deeper aspects of what I am reading, writing, and speaking about as a pastor. Sometimes it will be reposts of messages I’ve given or articles I’ve written. Other times it will include resources or discussion related to a topic I have been addressing recently. Still at other times, you will find unpolished thoughts on current events or issues we are facing. Occasionally I may share I poem I have written, although I am still figuring out what to do with all the poetry I wrote over my sabbatical. All in all, my blog is a place to journal, reflect, and process aloud with others that I enjoy and find stimulating for my own further thinking. That’s why I’m returning here.

I hope you enjoy, and I always love hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Returning to My Blog after Sabbatical

  1. I always enjoyed reading your blog. Missed them while you were away.
    And while you have been back for two months (wow that went fast!) Welcome back, You have mentioned several times since your return that you were been blessed by your time on sabbatical, which I believe, is what most people wanted and prayer for you. I now pray that God will show you how to use what you learned over the next several months and years. God bless you sir, have a wonderful and blessed week.

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