New Preaching Resources for Books of the Bible

There is a new resource for preaching that I am excited to share with you.

This past week Preaching Today released a new treasure trove of resources for preaching through Scripture. Their new ‘Exegesis’ resource page has articles to help preachers explore specific topics on preaching Scripture faithfully and accurately, but also a guide for each book of the Bible.

I have enjoyed the rich privilege of writing for Preaching Today over the years, and it was my joy to contribute guides for preaching Habakkkuk, Galatians, and Ephesians. As with all the contributors for this series, real preachers who have worked their way through these books in the midst of a congregation developed these preaching guides. My own work on each book was drawn from series I preached on each of these books—”Turning to God in Troubling Times” (Habakkuk), “Free” (Galatians), and “Ephesians: A Crash Course in Basic Christianity“—as well as other topical series and preaching.

If you’re a preacher, I hope you enjoy and benefit from exploring these new resources from Preaching Today.

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