What Is Your Greatest Christmas Gift Story?

giftsAs we prepare for Christmas, I’d love to hear your stories of the greatest Christmas gift you’ve ever received. Maybe you want to write it in just a couple of sentences or maybe you want to write it in a couple of paragraphs. Take a moment to share that story, including why it is so meaningful to you. You can write it in the comments section of this post so that others can celebrate one of your great stories of Christmas with you.

What are your difficulties at work?

difficult_colleagueRight now at Eastbrook, we are making our way through a series aimed at integrating our faith and work entitled “God at Work.”  This past weekend, we looked at the big picture of God’s design for work and two key concepts of a good theology of work: work as cultivation and work as vocation.

As we continue this weekend, I’m going to be exploring the difficulties we face in our work, and I’d like to hear from you about that. What are some of your greatest challenges at work? What difficulties do you see as some of the most common difficulties people face in their work?

Relationships? – talk to me

So, I am looking for your feedback on the topic of relationships, including friendships, dating, marriage, parent/child relationships, and more.

How would you answer these questions?:

  • What is one thing you wish the church would address about relationships?
  • What are your biggest questions about relationships?
  • Where do you struggle most in relationships?