Relationships? – talk to me

So, I am looking for your feedback on the topic of relationships, including friendships, dating, marriage, parent/child relationships, and more.

How would you answer these questions?:

  • What is one thing you wish the church would address about relationships?
  • What are your biggest questions about relationships?
  • Where do you struggle most in relationships?

11 thoughts on “Relationships? – talk to me

  1. I think the church can never say enough about how being single is Biblicaly supported as a GOOD thing. (Why can the church never say enough? Because the protestant church as a whole has said so much, so often to the contrary.)

    Where do I struggle the most? An adult sibling relationship. I guess I’ve heard it addressed from the pulpit – Cain and Abel – but there is a lot of ground between murder and “one big, happy family.”

    • Thanks, Patricia. I agree that the church tends to downplay – or not address – singleness. Also, I love your statement “there is a lot of ground between murder and ‘one big, happy family.'”

  2. 1) I would love for the church to address healthy boundaries in relationships- where is that fine line between being selfless and being a doormat? Or between being generous and being taken advantage of? Between being loving and being naive? And what does God have to say about the right response in these situations?
    2) Biggest question- our culture tells us all kinds of lies about how relationships should work and what their purpose is. I find it really difficult to figure out how to have a right relationship with people in the face of these lies- especially pertaining to the boundaries issue mentioned above. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if I am acting “correctly” and trying to have a godly friendship or whatever kind of relationship if the other person doesn’t have the same standard. So….then what?
    3) I think it’s pretty obvious that I struggle with boundaries in relationships. Especially in prioritizing them- like knowing when it’s a good idea to let go of a relationship, how to place more importance on one friendship over another, or even how to weed out the ones that aren’t as edifying (and is that even right for me to do, or is it selfish?) Ahhh!!!!

  3. I believe the church is ignoring the fact that half of all 1st marriages fail and that the percentage of failure goes dramatically up with subsequent marriages leaving half the population single by virtue of divorce. This huge population of people seems to be ignored as if the person who is divorce was
    somehow “guilty” and to be shunned and or deserving of pity. Elmbrook had an excellent and large ministry for the single, divorced, or widowed of which I was in a “leader capacity” for many years. I no longer travel to Elmbrook, but I along with others at Eastbrook would welcome a real Singles Ministry that would bring lonely people that are turned off by the bar scene, and on-line dating sites
    to be able to socialize…make friends in a friendly, safe and Christian atmosphere.

  4. When, how and why to apologize in all relationships. This a hard concept in an entitled first world country. I think we don’t ever want to admit we are wrong or even possibly wrong. This leads into trust issues.

  5. I would like to hear what about strong Biblical characters and or more so ones who struggled in relationships. The connection of how they did or didn’t connect to God as they struggled through relating to each eachother.
    2.) Addictions that affect family living such as alcohol/drugs etc. How to connect to Jesus in the midst of your grief.

  6. One more thing: I would like to also hear anything on singlhood. Many sermons I have heard in the past have skimmed the surface for singles and jumped to dating couples and marrieds. In my opinion, being single can be very difficult even when someone is at full acceptance of their circumstances. It takes a lot of faith in Jesus in the small things like sitting with a all coupled family at a restaurant or having all your best friends married and having kids. It takes a lot of trust to know and grace when I can’t see.

    Its the raw stuff, that God is there through it all. That I want to hear.

    • Krista – thank you so much for your feedback on my question. I’m hoping we can adequately deal with some of the issues and topics you mentioned. I agree with you that the church has not dealt well with the issues of singleness overall.

  7. I think it would be great to celebrate the marriages in our church and maybe let them the couples talk about how their marriage worked, I would love to hear their stories.

    I would love also to have a place or a meeting were singles could talk openly about their feelings.

    I have been at Eastbrook over xxx number of years and have had thoughts off and on about leaving because I long to be married but I am not sure what the issue is. Is it me? if it is, leaving won’t change that.

    I have had a chance to watch a lot of great relationships but I still don’t know what makes them work. We can say: hard work, sacrifice, communication etc,. But what does that mean in reality.

    How do you say difficult things to people you love and care about?

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