This weekend at Eastbrook Church I continued our series, “Jesus on the Move, “with a messaged entitled, “Calling” from Luke 5 & 6. I built this message around the two essential movements of discipleship: coming to Jesus and going with Jesus to others. This “come and go” movement is seen in Peter being caught and then catching disciples, Levi being socially and spiritually healed and then inviting others to the healing, and the apostles being called to Jesus and send out by Jesus to call others.

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Caught and Catching (Luke 5:1-11)

The ignorant authority

The ordinary extraordinary

The commission


Healed and Healing (Luke 5:27-32)

The abrupt appointment

A banquet of outcasts

The declaration 


Called and Calling (Luke 5:11, 28; 6:12-16)






Sunday Prayer 34

You, who are Light,
who appeared in order to shed Your light abroad in our hearts,
who stepped into the darkness yet was not overcome by darkness,
who went under death’s darkness but did not surrender to it,
who burst forth from death’s shadow in blazing resurrection life,
You, Light,
shine light
in us,
who haze our ways through cloud-covered path days,
who feel the darkness both outside and inside yawning wide chasms,
who do what we do not want to do and hide in shadowed alleyways,
who unwittingly (and wittingly) cover others in shadow blankets,
You, Light,
shine light
in us.

[This is part of a series of prayers for Sunday worship preparation that begins here.]

Jesus on the Move (Gospel of Luke, part 3)

jesus-on-the-move-series-gfx_app-wideThis past weekend at Eastbrook Church we began the third part of our six-part journey with the Gospel of Luke entitled “Jesus on the Move.”

Once Jesus’ ministry begins, the Gospel of Luke thrusts us into the deep end of Jesus mission. We see Jesus teaching, healing, working miracles, rebuking religious authorities, and so much more. Each story is so rich that we might lose perspective on what God is doing through Jesus. We want to sharpen up the focus so that we don’t lose sight of what Jesus’ activity is all about: the mission of God in the world.

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The Glory of Christmas

Here is my message, “The Glory of Christmas,” from Christmas Day services at Eastbrook Church. This message fits within the larger journey through the Gospel of Luke that we are in the midst of at present. You can follow along with that entire series through our web-site, the Eastbrook app, or our audio podcast. Also, join me in reading through the entire Gospel of Luke and parallel Old and New Testament passages with the weekday reading plan for this series here.

Signs of the King: Christmas Eve 2016

christmas-eve-graphicsAs I mentioned yesterday, I’m catching up on some posts on my blog and wanted to share my Christmas Eve message, “Signs of the King,” with you all. Although the message is not available yet in audio or video format, I am including the entire text of the message below. I rarely write out my messages, but for shorter ones that require such precision, brevity, and clarity I often do so. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve 2016 – “Signs of the King”
Matt Erickson

This past year one of my sons received his driver’s license. It took me back to those days many of us may remember – and some of us anticipate – when we are learning the rules of the road. Some things change, but a lot of things don’t change: it’s still scary to learn to drive (even if you’re excited about it) – it’s still stressful to take your driver’s test – and you still have to know what the signs mean.

When I first received my driver’s license, I was driving with my friend, Nathan, who told me that every STOP sign with a white border was optional. So…at the next STOP sign with a white border, I decided to just cruise right through it…and he freaked out. It was a dumb thing to do because, in case you didn’t know it, every STOP sign has a white border around it…and none of them are optional…they all mean the same thing: STOP.

Signs tell us something, and we need to pay attention. But there are different kinds of signs.Read More »