Turning Away from Faith at Religious Colleges

While browsing about for an entirely different article, I discovered this brief detail of a report on the erosion of faith in students attending a 4-year Catholic college.

Here is a brief excerpt from the article: “after four years in a Catholic college, students are more likely to accept abortion, premarital sex and gay marriage. And they are less likely to pray, attend church or consider themselves Catholic. . . . 9 percent of Catholic students abandon their faith altogether before graduation.”

While this is a challenging statistic, I am wondering if a study across all university settings, both religious and non-religious, would indicate a much different type of statistical outcome or not.

My main question is whether or not this erosion of faith is simply the standard experience of all college students at all universities. If it is more or less at religious colleges may be neither here nor there, even if we would hope it would be different.

One thought on “Turning Away from Faith at Religious Colleges

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