Why Hot Topics?

When I was in Sunday school as a kid, one of my clearest memories was the fill-in-the-blank type of questions we would be asked. The teacher would say, “and WHO should you turn to when you need to face a tough decision?” The answer was always ‘Jesus’, even if my first thought was something else.

Last week at The Ave, we kicked off our new 4-week series: “Hot Topics: 4 Controversial Issues from a Biblical Worldview.” We are addressing tough topics like abortion, creation and evolution, homosexuality, and tolerance in the public square.

As we got into things last week, I was struck by how oftentimes when it comes to these sorts of things, we simply avoid the hard discussions. It’s a lot easier to give a quick and simplistic answer than it is to really wade into the difficult issues at hand.

What we are trying to do in this “Hot Topics” series is open up some hard questions without giving a ‘party line’ answer that everyone has to sign onto in order to be a good Christian. Sometimes, we need to grapple with the questions for awhile in order to come to a clearer and more authentic understanding of the truth given to us by God.

It’s like in Sunday School, when you know there’s a fill-in-the-blank answer. You don’t even think about the questions anymore, you just say ‘Jesus’ without thinking.

I hope that instead of offering a one-word answer about life’s hot topics, we can become the sort of Jesus followers who love God with all our minds as we think hard about how to love our neighbors in the midst of these difficult issues.

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