Lebanon and Israel: A Palestinian Perspective

A Palestinian pastor friend of mine, recently sent me and others a letter that included these important words on the current conflict between Lebanon and Israel. Please take time to read them:

Where are the prayers against the plans of the enemy? He came for death and destruction. Jesus came that we might have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10). Wouldn’t this be our prayer for Israel and Palestine and Lebanon and even the people of Hezbollah? “Lord, pour your Spirit of life on those peoples and bring down your peace. “

Don’t be dismayed by a lot of teaching going around saying, see the rumors of wars have began and the end will come! so sit down and watch! The end will come and Jesus is coming back, but this is not the time to sit down on the TV and watch.

We are to sit on our knees for the nations to come to the salvation and peace of Jesus.

As the humanitarian crisis is rising in Lebanon and has been in Palestine, I urge you to take a stand to support the churches of that region, by prayer, by encouragement, and by asking the Lord how can he use you to stand practically with them.

Let’s take a Christ-stand and be concerned for the people, no matter what their background is, whether its Jewish or Muslim or Christian. Let’s be concerned for the lives lost, whether it’s army or civilians, whether it’s Israeli or Lebanese or Palestinian.

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