As you start back into Fall activities and school, I wanted to invite you into something that we are doing. Elmbrook Church is entering into a season of renewal related to our 50th year as a church called “Jubilee”. Whether you attend Elmbrook Church or not, I want to invite you to participate in this 50-day journey of spiritual renewal.

Through a 50-day devotional and weekend teaching on key themes, we want to explore God’s forgiveness, life rhythms, justice, spiritual freedom, and more. When we take time to focus and enter into a season of renewal, only God knows what might happen in our lives and our local communities.

Join in this journey by visiting the Jubilee web-site, where you can find out more about Jubilee, the devotional (in both daily email and audio formats), and small group materials.

Let’s journey together.

One thought on “Jubilee

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