Sabbath is one of those terms that you do not hear much anymore. The idea of keeping the sabbath sounds a bit like archaic references to an earlier time. The reference points don’t exist, or at least they don’t exist in the same way that they did.

Keeping the sabbath is one of the earliest commands of God. It means literally ‘to cease’. This command to cease was to reflect God’s own complete rest after creating the world. It was one of His instructions to His covenant people that would make them distinctive from the surrounding peoples.

But, as a friend recently pointed out, when we think about the life with God the idea of keeping the sabbath is pretty much the only one of the 10 Commandments that we don’t give much credence to. We ignore it and right it off, trying to hold to the ‘spirit’ of the early laws of God.

What does it mean to hold to the ‘spirit’ of keeping the sabbath, when we don’t even rest anymore? We race around in our cars and in our minds without taking much thought to true rest: restoration in God.

We are busy and not at rest.
We are frantic and not at peace.
We are harried and not able to take time with others.
We are activists and unable to cease.

We need sabbath.

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