Reflections on God from Nature

Not too long ago, I was taking a walk around Cedarly, a place where I go once a month for reflection, prayer, and quiet.  As I walked, two things jumped out to my eyes as lessons about life with God from nature.

First, the intricacies of a spider-web stretched out on the branches of a bush near the walking path. What amazing craftsmanship with a very clear purpose. It was something I wouldn’t have noticed normally, but the sun caught my attention with it. Simply stunning! No other great lesson here. Just to be attentive.

Second, a huge branch and limb segment of a massive oak tree that was broken off and collapsed on the ground. On closer inspection, it was clear that this limb was diseased inside. The inner meat of the tree was soft and rotted like sand. This reminded me of my own inner life. If the inside is healthy, then the entire thing will be sound and healthy from the inside out. But if the inside is unhealthy, then the whole thing will come crashing down, no matter how healthy it appears on the outside.

Lord, I ask two things:

  • Please restore the wonder of living as Your son within my life
  • Please keep me healthy within so that my life might truly flourish in You

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