Reading Scripture for Transformation (pt 2)

I’ve found that one of the most helpful ways to approach Scripture for transformation is to utilize an ancient Christian discipline called lectio divina, which roughly means ‘spiritual reading’ in Latin.

I’d like to encourage you to utilize this way of reading the Scripture as you spend time regularly with the Bible. Whether on your own or in a small group, this approach to reading Scripture can be a very meaningful path toward transformation. It might sound strange, but I believe if you intentionally approach reading Scripture in a new way like this that is at first uncomfortable, you will learn much more than otherwise.

Here is a brief overview of the form of lectio divina. There are four Latin words that outline the movements of lectio divina: lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), oratio (prayer), and contemplatio (contemplation).

Eugene Peterson talks about this in the following short video that parses the difference between studying the Bible and truly reading the Bible.

2 thoughts on “Reading Scripture for Transformation (pt 2)

  1. that video is interesting. i like it. i’m in the process of reading the bible straight through, and i think it’s helpful in that way…it allows you to read it instead of choosing a section and studying it. it really helps me to fall in love with the story of how God touches lives more and more

    • Glad to hear you’re reading the Bible straight through. I did that this past year and found it be a really great experience. I was able to get a bigger grasp of what God is doing throughout the entire Bible and how I’m a part of His plan in this world.

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