Set Free to Run

I run in the path of Your commands
For You have set my heart free.
– Psalm 119:32

Psalm 119 is one of those daunting pieces of Scripture that some people avoid. One-hundred seventy-six verses lovingly give attention to having our hearts set on God’s ways. The psalm is filled with urges by the writer to meditate upon, consider, obey, live according to, and keep God’s law or commands.

But I love this image in Psalm 119, verse 32. Here we find a vivid metaphor of what that looks like. God’s law creates a path or way in which we can travel. It sets the terrain and the boundaries of the run. It creates the heights and depths of the way.

Whereas there are times when it would be fitting to walk or hike a path, the psalmist says the God-given way is to run.

Why run?

Because God has set us free at the very core of our being.

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