First Week of Lent

This past week, we have entered the season of the church year known as Lent. Lent is more than a worn-out old tradition of the church, but a way to enter more deeply into Jesus’ death on the Cross in order that we might enter more fully into the joys of Jesus’ resurrection.

During this first week of Lent our journey toward the cross is shaped by Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. Jesus, as the second Adam, faced the sin of humanity, represented by the first Adam.

This week highlights the way in which Lent is a time of confronting and facing the sin in our life.

Robert Webber says it this way:

Lent is a time to intentionally confront all the ways the first Adam continues to control our lives, to carry these ways to the Cross, to let them be crucified with Jesus, and to bury them in the tomb never to rise again.
(Ancient-Future Time, p. 107).

In what ways is the first Adam continuing to control our lives?

Let this week be a time of ruthless confrontation with the sin in our life that we might die with Christ and rise in newness of life this season of Lent.

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