Who Is Your Biggest Influence?

Oftentimes, when we think about helping people to grow, we attend to key things that can be poured into someone’s life. We think of activities, experiences, classes, etc.

But for me, while all of those things have been important, I can think of two or three key people who have influenced my life in far more penetrating ways than any other influence. So, here is a question I’d like to ask as I think about how we help people grow:

Who is your biggest influence? That is, who is the person or people who have influenced your life with God most deeply and why?

6 thoughts on “Who Is Your Biggest Influence?

  1. My biggest influences?
    My dad – who treated me as a treasured princess and disciplined me, making it easy to comprehend the love of my heavenly father
    My mom – who taught me to practice hospitality and set an example a godly woman who uses her mind
    My youth pastors – who worked with us to develop hearts for servant leadership

  2. People who were the biggest personal influences on my Christian walk:

    Brian McIntyre – He was my former pastor, now in Ghana ministering Christ’s mercy to orphans. He taught me how to truly worship God, how to seek to glorify Him in all things, and how to trust in His sovereignty at all times. When I was the worship leader, he and I would spend hours together looking at how Scripture tells us how to best glorify God – hence, he is in Africa and I am here doing much of their stateside work.

    Professor Wayne Becker – He was a professor at UW-Madison and my mentor. He poured his life into me and a few others that he discipled, showing how to live as Christian men devoted wholly to Jesus. He’s still a “go-to” guy when I face issues in my walk.

    People I’ve never met who are big influences on my Christian walk:

    A.W. Tozer – His writings continually point me to who God is; he has helped me to behold Christ more so that I can be more like Him.

    John Piper – He continually points me in his writing towards the centrality Jesus in all things; he has helped me to see how the glory of God and the sovereignty of God play out in daily living.

    • Thanks for sharing these things, Jim.

      I enjoyed hearing how both Brian and Wayne influenced you through direct relationship, mentoring and discipleship. We need that sort of thing happening in the church today.

      I was just reading another book that mentioned how we can learn a lot from dead people through their writings. Tozer is a great example of that.

    • Jim –

      Wayne Becker turned my life around when I was “off the path” in college, and I don’t know how I would have turned out but for his generosity of time and caring.

      I’ve lost touch with him and would like to get back to communication to let him know just how much he has made a difference.

      Let me know if you know how to get in touch so I can thank him again for all that he has done.

      Wayward soul Class of ’90 UW-Madison

      • Kip,

        Thanks for your comments. I’m not in contact with Wayne Becker, but it’s great to hear your story about his influence in your life. Is he associated with a particular ministry or was he a student?

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