Beautiful Things by Gungor

As a reflection on my message, “Moving Out of Failure,” this last weekend at Eastbrook Church, I wanted to share a song that someone passed along to me that reflects the themes of my message. It is called “Beautiful Things” by the band Gungor. While I couldn’t find a full-band version of the song, here is a simple, acoustic version.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Things by Gungor

  1. Love Gungor and LOVE that song! Was listening to it after leaving some time praying with a family from church just an hour or so ago who feel like everything’s a mess and God had brought that song to mind – so fun to see it pop up in your feed, too!

    Hope you and Kelly and the kids are doing well!

  2. Nice. Gungor’s “We Will Run” coming to a church near you on June 4/5. I think I need to get this album….

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