13 thoughts on “Best Online Bible Resources?

  1. Biblegateway.com for numerous translations and blueletterbible.org for a concordance, desiringGod.org for their numerous tools; for Apps I use the ESV Bible, the You Version Bible and the Logos Bible- all free

  2. These are all great tools. BibleGateway.com is my first stop usually, as well. Christian, I use all of those apps, too, but hadn’t heard about blueletterbible.org. I look forward to checking it out.

  3. Love BibleGateway.com, too — easy to search + fast. Another online resource I’ve been using lately is Bestcommentaries.com, a ranking of commentaries of each book of the Bible. Helped me pick out a nice commentary for 1&2 Chronicles. As for iPad/iPhone apps, I really like PocketBible by Laridian. It allows you to have a Bible, daily reading plan and up to 3 commentaries open at once on the screen. My wife and I use it for our daily Bible reading. I also like GotQuestions (100s of searchable Bible FAQs), GoBible (great for listening to the Bible while you drive, work out, etc.), Olive Tree (nice library of dictionaries, commentaries, etc.) and BibleShaker (shake your iPhone and a Bible verse pops up). Thanks for asking!

  4. Usually use BlueLetterBible. One of the reasons is that one of my favorite teachers, Chuck Missler has lots of great study helps linked there. Have eSword on my computer and YouVersion bible app on my phone.

  5. I really like netbible.org … You can click on a verse and easily see the parallels in all other English translations. It also has the Greek and Hebrew text, and by scrolling over the word it’s actually quite easy for an English-only reader to find the Greek word, and then by clicking on it is able to do a little study on it. In short, one doesn’t need to read Greek/Hebrew to use those languages in this tool. It also has journal articles easily available (for free) for the passage you’re reading/studying. Overall, really helpful (and for what it’s worth, it links to Facebook and Twitter)!

  6. Thanks, Justin and Sam. I will definitely take a look at those.

    Benj, I’m not familiar with NetBible either, but am glad to hear that it has Greek and Hebrew text available, along with relevant journal articles.

  7. I use BibleGateway’s My Devotion. It has the Mattew Henery comentary. It also shares other people’s comments on any particular verse.

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