How is God Speaking to You? (week 41)

Through the year, I am putting up a post to hear back from you about how God is speaking to you through the Scripture. I do believe that God speaks to us and would love to hear from you about what He is saying to you, whether simple or profound.

So, what is God saying to you?

2 thoughts on “How is God Speaking to You? (week 41)

  1. God keeps repeating the same things to me as I am reading through the Bible in a year and as I am studying Hosea in a women’s study. It shouldn’t surprise me that he keeps reminding me how it breaks His heart when we are unfaithful and worship idols. My heart is so easily swayed to the things of this world, that have no real value or meaning. He is a merciful God to stick with me and always take me back. I am so grateful that He has a plan of forgiveness and never gives up on us! His Word keeps revealing His compassion and mercy to me. He gives us the help we need to turn away from idols through our companion the Holy Spirit and encourages us with His gentle Word. He is teaching me about His long-suffering , mercy and compassion. He deserves our undivided hearts and full focus.

    • Anne, thank you for these wonderful insights from Hosea. I love that book and its message of God’s unrelenting grace, both in revealing our idols and in redeeming us again. Thanks!

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