6 thoughts on “A Question on Prayer

  1. My greatest joy in prayer: strengthened faith beyond anything I ever dreamed was possible, and with that comes a closeness to God, and getting undeniable direction from our Lord through prayer.

    Greatest challenge: while solitary prayer is renewing, provides guidance and lets me sit with God for awhile, I’ve witnessed powerful experiences with group prayer. There is an awesome, loving strength in group prayer and distinct devine direction for pursuing God’s plan. I’ve not been able to find or develop ongoing and well-attended prayer groups in recent years. While that is discouraging and sad for me personally, I also know that a day will come again when I connect with a body of prayer warriors. I feel like I’m in a season of waiting on the Lord in this respect.

    • I agree. For me, group prayer is where I am most encouraged. I also have not been able to find or develop a prayer group in my church. But I have been very encouraged by prayer groups that I have participated in by International Renewal Ministries. They lead prayer summits (primarily for pastors, but increasingly for non-pastor groups as well.)

      The closest I have seen to being able to do that as a small group was a short little book by Andrew Wheeler called Together in Prayer. I have recently re-read it and been using ideas from it to help strengthen prayer in my small group.

  2. Greatest joy for me was when I got my “first” answer to a prayer. Obviously, many of my prayers had been answered before but I wasn’t able to see it then.

  3. Joy is knowing that someone is taking what you are saying seriously – not rushing you – not questioning you . There is no one correcting your English or getting distracted while you get your thoughts out. Hardest part? Time, time, time…followed by guilt. Why do I not pray first instead of setting time aside later, time that seems to disappear by the day’s end…and I still feel guilty (and selfish) when I pray for myself. I need to remember that I am as special as the others I pray for and for this reason, God may want me to mention my personal needs too.

  4. My greatest joy in prayer is that it works! I reach out to God in prayer and He reaches back and touches my heart so gently… it’s amazing!!

    My challenge is praying “appropriately” and understanding what that means. I like unconventional methods–it keeps me on my toes. I lean toward praying in different ways, places and times (when I wake in the night, I have been known to meditate/pray for hours in the dark–no distractions; perfect peace…). I pray often, but most often it is not what folks would consider “formal” prayer. I wonder if that’s okay–if God is pleased with my effort. Can He meet me in prayer this way?

  5. My answer to both sides of the question is the same – it’s remembering to do so. What made Jesus sinless? I believe it was His constant communication with the Father. Making a prayer a constant in my life is the challenge and doing it the greatest joy.

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