His Voice Singing Love Over Us

There are portions of the Bible that the church has traditionally linked with the month-long time of preparation for the arrival of Christ’s coming at Christmas called Advent.

One of those is Zephaniah 3:14-20. While not many of us have likely spent much time in the Old Testament prophet Zephaniah, one of my favorite statements in the entire Bible is found here.

It is found in verse 17:

The LORD your God is with you,
He is mighty to save.
He will take great
delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over
you with singing.

Many times I struggle with understanding God’s love. I don’t easily grasp why He would come to save a desperate, sin-laden lot of people like us. I know that He loves the entire world and all created things (John 3:16), but that can seem agonizingly distant to me.

Here, we encounter a powerful statement about God’s intimate love for His people. The overarching statement is that ‘He is mighty to save.’ How is that worked out?

He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you with singing.

Delight in you . . . Quiet you . . . Rejoice over you with singing. The intimate love bound up in these little phrases is overwhelming. God’s saving power is intimately loving toward us.

I don’t know where you are right now when you are reading this. Perhaps racing through a day in the midst of a busy time of preparation for Christmas. Perhaps quietly reading it in your room. Perhaps catching it through a link on your smartphone as you are between errands.

Stop for a moment. In this time of the year made all too hectic by our acquisitive culture, rest in these preparatory words on God’s love for us His people.

Take time to realize that God is lovingly present with you.

Take time to wonder at His delight in you.

Let Him still and quiet you in your present circumstances, whether tumultuous or calm.

Let Him rejoice over you with SINGING.

May this season of anticipating and waiting in Advent be resoundingly full with God’s voice singing love and delight over you.

4 thoughts on “His Voice Singing Love Over Us

  1. Yesterday I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious about a situation I was facing. The Scripture popped up in my email at just the right time; as I thought of God’s great love for me, I was quieted in my spirit, and the thing I was facing no longer felt overwhelming. Today as I go about my work, I can almost hear Him rejoicing over me with singing. What a loving and tender God we serve!

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